How Much Is My iPad Mini 4 Worth?

If you own an iPad Mini 4 that you seem to be using less, or even that's just sat on a shelf gathering dust, it might be time to consider selling it. There's far more interest in used and refurbished tech at the moment. People have started to realise that you don't have to sacrifice much in terms of the quality and condition of the device to get an amazing deal!

With this in mind, we've looked at the top places you can sell your iPad Mini 4 in the UK and compiled a list to show you the cash you can expect from each.

What are the most important factors when selling an iPad Mini 4?

ipad mini 4 available on Doji

Unsurprising, it's the condition of the device and the size. The larger the memory of the device, the more cash you can expect for it. It's the same with the condition, the fewer scratches or dents on the tablet the better. Other important factors include whether the iPad is Wifi only, or whether it takes sim cards. The colour of the device also plays its part in the price.

Apple iPads don't hold their value as well as the iPhones, their value drops at a far greater rate over time. So if you are thinking about selling an iPad Mini 4, you might want to hurry up to maximise your earnings from it. In fact, if you want to save yourself some time - get it sold on Doji now. We have the lowest seller fees on the market!

Price Comparisons: iPad Mini 4

To create a fair comparison, we'll be comparing like-for-like tablets on each platform. In this article we'll be comparing iPad 4 Mini 64GB Wifi models, in good condition. All pricing information was correct at the time of this article being written.

Platform Value Sale Info
You get £40.00
(They sell for £195)
They buy your product and
sell it on for a profit.
You get £87.00
(They sell for £150)
They buy your product and
sell it on for a profit.
(12.5% seller's fee)
Direct to buyer sale. You pay seller's fee and delivery costs.

Are there any other options?

There are a few other options to sell your disused iPad 4 Mini, but we think you're best option might just be Doji. We offer transparent and fair market pricing, plus our incredibly low sellers' fees mean you get to keep more of your money! You can make more cash selling on Doji, compared to Music Magpie or Computer Exchange, as you're selling directly to a person. We simply act as the middle man and ensure that your item is exactly what the buyer is expecting. Although with eBay you're also selling directly to a person, so can make more money, there are a couple of other issues. Buyers are unlikely to get warranties, which makes them feel far less confident, and you have to deal with questions and problems during the process.

Selling on Doji is quick, easy, and a great way to help combat climate change. You're helping to: reduce our reliance on the Earth's finite resources, lower your carbon footprint, and preventing e-waste from going to landfill. Now that is a good deal!

1. Get started on Doji

Selling on Doji is quick, hassle-free, and easy. It takes no time at all to get your phone up on our marketplace. Firstly we need to know what you're selling, it's memory capacity, and it's connectivity options. Then whether it's working generally.

Let Doji what you're selling and whether it works

2. How does the device look and perform?

It's important we know how much damage your device has, and whether it's working correctly. We run our own 52-point check on the tablet when we receive it, but the information you give us here allows us to correctly categorise your product and suggest pricing. If your iPad Mini 4 isn't working, or has severe damage, it's still valuable to somebody. Smart devices are full of valuable parts.

Let Doji know if you're device's features work or whether it had any damage on it

3. Set your ask price

If there's an offer already made on the iPad Mini 4 you're selling, you can match instantly and sell your product straight away! But if there isn't an offer yet, or you feel it's too low, you can set your own ask price! Set a lower ask price to get your product sold quicker, or wait longer for the price you really want. The power really is in your hands.

Set your ask price on Doji, with transparent seller's fees and delivery costs upfront

If you sold for £125.00 on eBay, you would make £109.38 with the 12.5% seller's fees. On top of this you will also have to pay for shipping the item, and deal with questions and queries from buyers.

If you sold for £125.00 on Doji, you would make £115.75 - this includes delivery and our top class support, we deal with buyers for you!

Sell your used tech for more on Doji!