The New Way To Sell Your Old Phone

Have you heard of Doji? Well, we’re relatively new! We wanted to create a new and easy way for you to sell your old phone and hopefully buy a new bit of tech yourself!

What’s the benefit of selling my phone with Doji?

Where do we start…well, firstly there’s the fantastic savings you can make on the phones. Doji are a middle man, we charge a small handling fee for our checks and inspections– but the price you pay is determined by you and the seller.

But perhaps most importantly, with new phones coming out each year, there’s a huge amount of environmental waste created. In fact, in 2021 a massive 57.4 million tonnes of e-waste was generated worldwide…that’s the same weight as 5000 Eiffel Towers! So, when you buy with Doji: you save the planet and your money.

Is it easy to sell my phone with Doji?

Looking to get rid of your old phone but not sure how? Doji is the new way to sell your phone, and it's super easy. In just a few steps you can take your phone from in your pocket to on our store. You decide the price it's listed at and you decide whether to accept an offer.

Can I trust the Doji website?

We're a relatively new company but we're always evolving. We monitor activity across our site to ensure you get the best possible experience.

When you search fora product on our site, the results displayed are the best for you. Top results are based on the price, condition and availability. We don’t run paid promotions on products or for sellers. These results really are just for you!

Our reviews are building steadily, but we're already rated excellent on Trust Pilot! So, if you're looking for a quick, easy and trustworthy way to sell your old phone, Doji is the way to go.

Whether your experience has been positive or negative, we encourage you to write a review or get in contact with us - it could just be to say how well we're doing...but we also want you to tell us how we can improve!

Doji is rated excellent on Trustpilot

How quick is shipping?

Pretty quick. From purchase, you'll have your phone within 5 days (but it’s usually much quicker).

That includes time for all our testing and 52-point checks. Plus you get tracked delivery from DPD.

Want to know the best part? As a is completely free and we have a no-hassle returns policy, giving you the ability to return an item within 30-days of receipt.

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