Why Sell Your Old Mobile Phone On Doji?

You’ve got plenty of options to sell your old things online, with Facebook and eBay being the most well-known. Even so, you’re likely sitting on plenty of things you don’t use because the idea of selling it online is unappealing. That’s because there’s risk involved. Human contact. Admin. Inconvenience.

It can be a nightmare to keep on top of the sale - back and forth queries from buyers, quibbles later on, and how do you even know where to start with pricing? 

Doji Makes Selling Much Simpler

On Doji, we offer you a straightforward selling process - because we take on any potential hassle on your behalf. There’s only four steps, and each one requires the bare minimum from you.

The transaction from start to finish couldn’t be easier or more trustworthy. You’re covered for all eventualities, and you have a whole world of support at your fingertips.

All the possible product listings already exist, so all you need to do is scroll and find the right one for you. There’s no setting up an ad or trying to work out how to create a listing, you just tap and go. Whatever the make, model, or generation - it’s all already there! All you need to do is set up a free account, and go.

We give you all the info you need to determine price and condition fast!

No Direct Buyer Communication

We alleviate the hassle of a bartering buyer, that’s why Doji is a completely managed marketplace. That's the biggest reason our sellers love Doji… You’ll only ever have to deal with us!

No back and forth to the post office - we’ll pick up your device from your front door. Once we have it, we’ll do all the checks and authenticating for you. That means when it gets to your buyer, there’s no surprises for them, and you’re guaranteed to be paid for the condition it goes out to them in. You don’t need to interact with the other side at all.

That means no back and forth in the inbox, no weird or obvious questions, and no pestering to know delivery updates. We handle all of that for you. You just login to check your bids and set your prices, we’ll do the rest!

No enquiries to reply to, no returns to worry about – just a simple transaction at the click of a few buttons. You get paid 2 days after your phone has been verified, we don’t hold it or leave you waiting.

Doji even checks the Phone before it's sent to the Buyer

Our 52-point DojiAssure check will validate the condition, so you can be sure that you’re selling honestly and safely. Use our real time market data to benchmark your price against those already up for sale on the site, and set an asking price or take offers – whatever you’d prefer!

You’ll always know you’re getting the best and fairest price, since everyone has access to the same pricing data. You can even change your asking price at any time - if you see prices creeping up elsewhere, for example, you can decide if you want to keep yours lower to increase interest or move it up to match others. Change it whenever and however often you like.

Get selling on Doji!

Doji is safe, trusted, and guaranteed.

  • You can sell instantly, to the highest bidder.
  • You can list your goods easily and quickly, without the need to upload descriptions or pictures.
  • Grading your phone couldn’t be easier with our simple grading verification process.
  • You get to use our orderbook to check how much other Doji customers are paying and ask accordingly.
  • You’ll enjoy peace of mind as our team takes on complete responsibility for all warranty disputes and return demands.

So, next time you’re looking to sell your devices without any hassle, try Doji. And see for yourself why so many people come to us to buy with confidence and sell with ease.

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